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11 good reasons to choose Alpespace :

Alpespace vu du ciel
  • Ideally located at the median point of the alpine furrow (Valence-Grenoble-Chambery-Annecy-Geneva) and the axis Lyon-Turin

  • With crossed of 2 structuring motorway axes A41 (Geneva - Grenoble) and A43 (Lyon - Turino)

  • Genuine bosky bower with sight on lakes and mountains (Bauges, Chartreuse, Belledonnes)

  • Range of services increasingly more complete in favour of the firms and their employees

  • Real-estate quality offer, permanent and complete(to rent, for sale ; offices, workshops, grounds, cleanrooms; all dimensions...)

  • Economic Park specialized on certain sets of themes offering many synergies between companies of the same business line

  • Savoie, espace de haut niveauEnvironmental quality maintained permanently (green areas, descriptive, etc.)

  • Competitive taxation (low rate of professional tax, no payment transport, etc.)

  • Characteristics ideal geotechnics reducing the costs of construction appreciably

  • Durable development (sewerage plant, decrease of the intensity of public lighting, alternative transports, sorting of waste, heating by geothermy, carparks evergreen, etc.)

  • Pooling of the utilities (treatment of the domestic and industrial wastes, network of defence and fire, retaining tank of rainwater, collective carparks, multiple meeting rooms, restaurant between firms, etc.).