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you wishto createa FIRM OR TO PUT TO YOUR ACCOUNT ?


To create a firm is not summarised to choose a legal status and to fill of the administrative forms, nor to seek financial aids.

For that, it is essential that you ensure yourselves to have :

  • A true will to undertake, motivation which will be the driving force of your project ;
  • Technical skills related on the trade or the activity which you want to exert but also know-how necessary to a future person in charge of a firm, if small is it ;
  • Time and availability in order to be able to work out your project seriously ;
  • Money to be able to face the preparatory expenditure and to constitute the sufficient personal capital contributions according to the needs for your project.

It is the conjugation of these four elements which will enable you to build your project in good conditions. Structures gathered and organised in a network of proximity in each basin of use of Departement of Savoy. They propose a total service to you energy of information to the individual council, while passing by the formation.

According to your situation and the progress report of your project, this network of proximity will be able then to if need be direct you towards an interlocutor specialised in such or such field.
To work in network will increase your chances of success considerably.

For the development of your business plan, the site of the National agency for the Business start-up is a relevant resource.

Alpespace offers to you the domiciliation and the lodging of your young company under privileged conditions :

  • small surfaces of offices and/or workshops,
  • 23 month precarious beams,
  • progressive rent,
  • common services (reproduction, postal service, Internet, etc),
  • offices very equipped (office furniture, telephony, high rate internet connection, heating & air-conditioning, meeting room in self-service, etc).